How to Shrink Bunions Naturally? – 10 Easy & Effective Ways

If you are looking for ways to shrink the bunions, you must already know what they look like. The good thing is that several natural ways are effective in treating them. They work just fine without dishing out loads of money!

Bunions are the outward protrusion of the big toe joint that causes an inflamed lump at the feet’ side. It can be pretty painful. Amazingly apart from the joint’s shifting, other significant factors contribute to the formation of bunions.

If you are a woman and that you have Arthritis, you are more likely to develop a bunion. Bunions are formed from regular everyday tasks that you are not aware of!

Let’s discuss the most recommended method by the pediatricians that have shown immediate effects:

10 Effective Ways to Shrink Bunions Naturally

Walk barefoot:

Walking barefoot helps you regain natural anatomy. There is no hindrance to external substances like shoes and socks that cause skin problems. The separated joint slowly comes back to its shape. Walking barefoot strengthens your muscles around the joint that are stretched to lower the angle of bunions.

If you face trouble in walking barefoot, then try Bunions aiding orthotics. Try walking on a carpeted floor because it takes away the shock of the ground.

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Reduction of inflammation:

There are over the counter pharmaceutical ointments available that you can use for reducing inflammation. Since we are talking about natural materials, there are everyday products and organic oils used explicitly to treat bunions.

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Red Chillies:

Red chilis are effective in reducing inflammation and soothing the skin. The swelling subsides, and the angle to the bunion begins to shrink. You have to gather the extract of the chilies rather than applying them directly. After that, spread it on the lump with the help of Vaseline. Wrap it with a cloth for a few minutes before going to sleep every night.

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Epsom Salt:

Epsom salts work the same way as most oils. They have potassium ions that show an immediate effect on the hot, swollen bunion joint. Mix a small amount of salt in lukewarm water. Sink your feet for 20 minutes. For better results, you can also rub your feet while dipped.

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Talking about oils, you have several options there as well:

Olive Oil:

Olive oil has natural healing properties because of its active ingredients. Warm a small amount of oil and massage it onto the upper part of the feet in a circular motion. Make sure you are giving more attention to the inflamed area. The rubbing regulates the blood flow and makes the tendons strong to bring back the joint to its natural position.

Castor oil:

Castor oil has analgesic and anti inflammatory properties. Warm a few drops of oil and apply them to the big toe joint slowly. Then rub it in in a fluid-like motion. Castor oil will reduce the tenderness and heal the blisters or calluses you may have around the lump.

It also has antioxidant properties that help reduce the agents, causing flaming of the engorged lump.

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Foot exercises:

Foot exercises show beneficial effects for a long time. You can do that while sitting anywhere anytime. It will make your muscles and tendons stronger. Apart from treating bunions, they also help in movement.

One standard method is the towel method. Curl your toes for a few minutes around a towel and move them inward. Try it ten to fifteen times.

Get up and press your toes against the ground. Lift your heels and add more pressure to the toes. Rest the heels back and repeat the motion fifteen times.

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Bunion Pads:

Bunion pads are engineered with a foam that accommodated the bunion’s shape and helped reduce it over time. Apart from that, it absorbs shock and body pressure that aids in fast healing. However, bunion pads are to be used regularly and for maximal time to get better results.

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Icing always works like magic. Icing can be done not only for the bunion but also for the underlying conditions like high arches. Ice the area for at least 10 minutes every night before going to sleep regularly. This helps the muscles in contracting and maintaining the natural muscular shape of the feet. They also tighten over joins, so the angle of a bunion is not widened.

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Wear wider shoes:

The first significant cause in this list is the avoidance of narrow shoes. It is also the most common reason for bunion progression. Narrow shoes offer less space and more pressure on the tender bunion region that makes it worse. Wider shoes give the engorged area room to breathe and help the joint gain the natural anatomy.

Wider shoes also mean forgoing your favorite pumps or flat shoes. It is sad, but on the brighter side, it also means no pain. The shoe store salesperson will find you a better alternative that will not compromise aesthetics and comfort. New Balance shoes and Fleet Feet are ideal shoe types.

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Reduce weight:

Obese patients increase pressure on the bunion, and there is an increase in body weight that needs to be distributed evenly. Try to lose a few pounds, and you will notice the healing and recovery get automatically faster.

Often natural ways do not work, and you have no other option but to choose surgery. There are several surgeries for bunions. However, it is better to recommend your doctor before you make a decision.

There is one condition for using natural methods. You have to be regular and active. Only then will they show effect and not disappoint you. If you are willing to work with that, then you are in for a stroke of good luck!

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