How to Hide Bunions? – 10 Useful & Easy Tips!

Are you embarrassed by your Bunions? Do you have to think twice before taking off your shoes in front of your friends and strangers? Well, worry no more because I have some tricks up my sleeve that can get you out of such sticky situations!

Firstly, Bunion is an outward protrusion that has varying intensity. Some bumps of bunions are more extensive, while others are barely noticeable. However, we all know once you develop a bunion; unfortunately, you are stuck with it.

So minor Bunion or not, it is better to start covering it and giving it the attention, it demands. I will be talking about instant methods as well as time taking strategies that will ensure maximum coverage. Some steps are mind tricks that work wonders!

10 Useful & Easy Tips to Hide Your Bunions

Bunion Sleeves:

Orthotic products help you hide the Bunion and straighten out the mechanism, so the lump decreases in size.

One such orthotic is the Bunion sleeve, which is also called Bunion gel pads or Bunion cushions.

They are effective in absorbing shock and minimizing the pressure that falls on the Bunioned joint. Not only that, but the cushion area falls right on top of the metatarsophalangeal joint. With great coverage and functionality, the pain is minimized.

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Bunion Guard:

Another orthotic is the Bunion guard that covers the toe rather than the joint’s base.

It is an effective strategy that generates faster results. Often bunions are caused due to friction. Bunion guard cuts the problem at its root and minimizes friction in enclosed shoes.
You can buy natural-toned bunions and wear them with sandals!

They are also gel-filled with the composition of the best ingredients to absorb shock, decrease bacterial production, and produce a mild soothing effect.

The effect is long-lasting, and you can make the most out of pads in any form of shoe wear. Try out the Dr. Fredrick gel big toe Bunion Guard.

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Bunion splint pads:

Bunion splint pads are mostly meant for wearing overnight. While you are sleeping, leave the work to the pads to heal the Bunion. They are highly effective in reducing pain from a long day of work.

The soft pads cover the bunion lump and form a firm connection to the foot so that the alignment is straightened and rightened.

The seamless pads are made of silicon and fit perfectly in all shoes. The Splint pads are light and airy, so you do not feel the choking of the stretchable material.

That makes them the best choice for coverage without worries about the additional pressure.

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Wear wider shoes:

Another major cause in this list is the avoidance of narrow shoes. It is also the most common reason for bunion progression. Narrow shoes offer less space and more pressure on the tender bunion region that makes it worse.

Wider shoes give the engorged area room to breathe and help the joint gain the natural anatomy, and the Bunion is harder to notice.

Wider shoes also mean forgoing your favorite pumps or flat shoes. It is sad, but on the brighter side, it also means no pain. The shoe store salesperson will find you a better alternative that will not compromise aesthetics and comfort. New Balance shoes and Fleet Feet are ideal shoe types.

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Wear embellished shoes:

Embellished shoes that have a flower or a logo imprint with artwork over the bunions distract the onlooker’s eye. Instead of focusing on the Bunion, they will be entranced with the design of your shoes.

Besides, you will get to have fashionable items in your wardrobe!

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Choose comfort:

The size of the shoe undoubtedly plays a vital role in ease and walking. However, if you were to choose, you should rely on comfort because the shoe’s outward protrusion needs inward space. That automatically increases the size and coverage. Size varies from company to company, but comfort remains!

Comfort also means your home slippers. Now you will have to wear sandals with arch support even at your sanctuary. A few minutes of walking in the right shoe wear can contrast. Start from your home by changing to shoes with a sturdy yet reliable midsole that will help remove the toes’ pressure.

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Avoid flip flops and high heels:

Now that we are discussing shoes keeping in mind is to avoid shoes that offer no arch support like flip flops and high heels. Conditions like high and low arch increase the angle of bunions, so arch support is necessary. Lack of arch support also increases pressure on toes.

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Choose the socks wisely:

It is not a joke when you are advised to choose the right socks for bunions. The right kind of fabric can heal the pointed tender area within a few months. Cotton socks are commonly used; however, they are not a safe option. Cotton increases friction that causes redness and swelling of a bunion.

Choose spandex or wool socks. They are not only comfortable but provide maximum coverage. Avoid socks that have seams for the toes. That increases the rubbing of toes and juts out the protrusion more. Seamless socks are safer and give a wide berth to the metatarsal joints.

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Wider toe box:

Wide toe boxes of shoes give the toes space, and the bump is concealed entirely. It is harder to distinguish the bump in wide toe box shoes. More expansive space also helps heal the bunions as the pressure against the seams of shoes is reduced.

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One thing that sets apart your Bunion is the bruising and inflamed area. The contrast of bunion skin from normal healthy skin makes them stand out. You can use gels and concealers to conceal the Bunion. The natural and uniform tone makes the Bunion seem like part of the foot. It will also catch fewer eyes.

Even if the Bunion is small, a slight change in color and bright light will be noticeable!


I have mentioned excellent tips for concealing the bunions. It is recommended that you use orthotics so you can make the most out of the coverage items. However, if the Bunion continues to grow and cause pain, please pay a visit to your foot specialist!

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