Best Tennis Shoes for High Arches – Play Pain Free Tennis

Take a close look at the running pattern of tennis players on the TV. Do you notice how agile and quick witted they have to be? This energy demanding job leaves no room for the lack of concentration and pain in high arches.

Tennis is a sport that requires sharp turns and twisting of the lower body. Standing on the field day and working through long hours of competition is tiring itself. However, if you have a high arch then without the proper support, you may not score your desired position. A high angle causes discomfort and strain in the tendons that can be distracting.

I have assembled a great list after researching interviews conducted by the professional athletes and high ratings of high arched tennis and athletic shoe sales across the globe. Detailed explanation for high arch problems and their features is discussed below.

You will find this list useful. Happy tennis playing for you!

Our top picks for best tennis shoes for high arches support

  • BRONAX Men’s (Graffiti Personality Sneakers)
    “I also like bright colors so these shoes were it! They are very comfortable and have great support.” -Customer Review.
  • JOOMRA Men’s (High Top Stylish Sneakers)
    “Exactly as expected for the look that I wanted! Fits perfectly!” -Customer Review.
  • MEHOTO Men’s Fashion (Lightweight Tennis Shoes)
    “It fitted perfectly when it came. Sneakers are soft enough to wear comfortably through the day.” -Customer Review.
  • ASICS Women’s (Gel-Dedicate 6 Tennis Shoes)
    “I’ve worn Asics in the past for tennis, and they feel great. The design looks cool too.’ -Customer Review.
  • Axcone Women’s ( Tennis Sports Mesh Shoes)
    “I bought these to walk around Bear Mountain. We were walking about 8 miles a day. These shoes helped a ton.” -Customer Review.

BRONAX Men’s (Graffiti Personality Sneakers)

BRONAX Men's Stylish Graffiti Personality Sneakers

Bronax looks lively and full of personality with a graffiti side design. They are available in 10 exciting colors that can be spotted from afar. These shoes are not only suitable for people with a high arch but also wide feet. You can bid goodbye to ill-fitted tennis shoes because the special stretchable fabric at sides provides changeable fitness. Although there is a leather upper, the lacework coverage doubles the secure fit of shoes. The midsole is pressed right under the arch to absorb the weight.

Cushioned midsole:

Some shoes provide strength by using rigid midsoles. However, graffiti tennis sneakers use special technology foams, that even with their softness provide equal support. Rigid insoles can increase pain if they are not coupled with a padded midsole. Here you do not have to worry because the 2 in 1 soft midsole takes care of the high arch.

Leather upper:

Leather is a durable material and has undergone different testing trials to prove itself important. The strong upper material allows you to take sharp turns without the laces snapping or tearing on the upper side of tennis shoes.

Rubber outsole:

The bounce in your step is increased. Even after standing in the same position for long will not result in pain. The outsole absorbs the reflected shock from the ground. You can jump high to hit the ball, but when you land the anticipation of pain is gone.

Slip-on design:

Apart from the leather, the top of the tennis shoes coordinates with the sides. Even with a tight lacework, you do not have to meddle with the strings each time. The upper relent easily to pulling so you can slip in your feet. That will save you time and pain from hitting the arch repeatedly.


Bronax is a sneaker that provides support along with comfort. The perfect balance riddles you of pain in the high arches along with the ankles and toes. The cushioning that is maintained throughout the inner does not allow any stabbing pain in the feet.


Bronax is a casual shoe that can be worn during exercising and kicking around. They will match each occasion with grace. Considering that the prices of tennis shoes are budget-friendly and you can get one or two without any worry.

  • Durable rubber outsole.
  • Premium cushioning.
  • Graffiti fashion on top of shoes.
  • Easy slip-on.
  • Versatile shoes.
  • Flimsy inner sole.
  • Design is too loud.
  • Make sound while walking.

Reason to buy

The designing of the outsole sets these tennis shoes apart. The horizontal lines at the base increase surface area of contact. The grip is increased, which means no slipping and tripping while you are making a run for the ball.

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JOOMRA Men’s (High Top Stylish Sneakers)

JOOMRA Men's Stylish Sneakers High Top Athletic-Inspired Shoes

Joomra sneaker offers a design made by the top designers that is aesthetically driven. Most of the sneakers in this collection have a collaboration between red and white stripes. One look at the tennis shoes and you will understand their purpose. They have a thick outsole that is further designed with blade-like indents that are sustainable. The heel is also slip-resistant. Not to forget, these sneakers have extra cushioning.

High-top style:

High-top styles wrap around your ankles and provide full coverage. This extra material envelopes the ankle joint from all sides so that during twists and turns the forces travel smoothly to thigh muscles. The ankle bone is protected from turning brittle and vulnerable.

Long tongue:

This athletic tennis sneaker has a longer tongue than usual. It successfully bridges the difference to the ankles. In some cases, harsh pushing against the top causes the lace strips to cut into your skin above the arch. A long and cushioned tongue will prevent that and provide a solid base.

Blade outsole:

You get the energized feel when you stand on the designed outsole. The blade indents allow more compressibility than normal. Instead of feeling like you are walking on a stone, the design softens the impact of the ground. The heel muscle is protected from further inward rolling.

Handcrafted material:

The leather at the top is pure and human made. That makes the upper difference from the standard processing method that is suitable for all tennis shoes. The handmade leather is specifically designed for tennis shoes. Customization increases the jumping and running potential of the high arch for the sport meant to be played on the grassed field.


Many of the users have praised the comfort of Jamoora sneakers. However, if you have sensitive skin around the ankle and high arch, then you should avoid these tennis shoes. The high–top material will rub excessively around the area and cause discomfort.


This running athletic sneaker will surprise you with its price range. The coast remains the same no matter what type of style you choose from the collection. It can be bright colors or simple full matte sneakers. You have an opportunity for fair play here.

  • Functional designs.
  • Extra stability.
  • Long tongue.
  • Light and cushioned material.
  • Heel bracketing.
  • Available in classic colors.
  • Stiff around the middle.
  • Need insoles changing frequently.
  • Bulky and heavy.

Reason to buy

For people who have arthritis and want extra protection for their ankle joints. These tennis shoes are the best; they will not let the motion waves passing through the leg attach the sore area unnecessarily. A continuous connection is built between the ankle and the arch.

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MEHOTO Mens Fashion (Lightweight Tennis Shoes)

MEHOTO Mens Fashion Lightweight Tennis Walking Shoes Sport Air Fitness Gym Jogging Running Sneakers

Mehoto has gained its reputation for being lightweight and environmentally protected tennis shoes. They are comfortable and sturdy and give your natural running propulsion. For people with a high arch, supination is a big problem. The anatomical structure of your feet remains upright and free of muscle fatigue. You can run long distances easily. The cloth-like material is comfortable and soothing on the skin.

Non-slip outsoles:

Non-slip outsoles eliminate the chances of you slipping across the polished and wet grass. If you love to practice tennis in wet hilly or flat areas, then you have an opportunity now. You no longer have to wear about sliding against the ground. Run freely with a greater grip.

Breathable fabric:

The mesh of the fabric is fluffy and squeezable. You will notice that while testing as you press against the cushion, it will flatten out while blowing air. That makes it an ideal fabric with people that get excessive sweating in their feet. The material is moisture resistant and will not stick to your skin.


High arches cause supination, which is the inward rolling of heels. If the weight of the shoe is more than average, then the heels shift outward to accommodate the heavy dropping of tennis shoes. However, that results in further disfiguring of heel muscles. Lightweight material prevents that significantly decreasing the pain in tendons.

Ergonomic Sole:

Ergonomic technology is famous for shattering the heavy shock that strikes the heel and ball of feet. It allows freedom in mobility while softening natural strides. The arch will face even and distributed weight which will travel along to balls and toes.


The PU material and EVA foaming are present in the middle layer of the insole. That means you have soft support from below. Softness does not mean the shock of the hard-concrete ground is not filtered in tennis shoes. On the opposite, it gives rebound properties to the steps.


These tennis shoes are a big hit to the misconception that athletic tennis shoes can be pretty expensive. Well, that is no longer true because adding the shipping money, the price of the product does not reach high notes. You can purchase them happily.

  • Enhances protection.
  • Seam-free interior.
  • Lightweight.
  • The sole is soft and flexible.
  • Air cushion design.
  • Weak gluing of the outsole.
  • Not suitable for narrow feet.
  • Few eyelets for laces.

Reason to buy

With the thickness in the sole, it is often seen that the weight of the shoe increases. In Mehoto, even with the ergonomic sole, the matter is well balanced. You will not feel like you have worn the tennis shoes as it will give a cloudy floating feeling.

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ASICS Women’s (Gel-Dedicate 6 Tennis Shoes)

ASICS Women's Gel-Dedicate 6 Tennis Shoes

Asics brand has garnered a reputation for putting forward the best shoes. This women’s shoe gives you a strict performance in the court. This features advanced technology and comfort that lets you serve the true purpose of your talent. Another feature is the soothing soft liners that prevent the progression of calluses in high arches. The soft liners are extended throughout the tennis shoes. Molding EVA foams in the insole takes exceptional care of the high angle.

Trusstic system technology:

Asics have truistic system technology that assists the molding and is present in the insole. During fast running and sudden shifting, it absorbs the thumping of heavy steps. It increases uniformity in the torsion of movement, allowing you to run without hindrance or need for breaks.

Molded soft liners:

Soft liners are present throughout the insole and along the sides of the shoes. The liners cushioning changes the shape to the arch and width of your feet. That increases stability and connection in your feet and shoes. Even if there is lacework, tennis shoes will double the fitness. Furthermore, it gives unrivaled comfort from beneath.

Gel technology:

Gel technology is the perfect solution for tennis shoes that do not have great gripping in outsoles. The beads inside the gel increase the surface area of contact and hence more area for shock absorption for the arch. The cool gel also feels great under the feet where temperature rises due to rubbing.


All the features mentioned above ensure you get the utmost comfort. The front of the shoes might feel a bit narrow but do not worry that it is to balance the fitness in the middle for the arch. Tight pressing from all sides can affect the blood circulation in the feet.


Asics have always graced the retail shelves with amazing designs. However, most aesthetic procedures are pricey. If you are one of those people who are not concerned with the look but feet, then get ready to empty your pockets.

  • Special lasting in the upper part of shoes.
  • Increase torsion in the running.
  • EVA midsole absorbs shock effectively.
  • Molding foams installed.
  • Gel in the middle of insole for a soothing feel.
  • No protection for ankles.
  • They are heavyweight shoes.
  • You have to buy a size bigger than normal.

Reason to buy

If you have injured your feet previously then you should try Tennis Asics. The gel technology is engineered in a way that the beads shift to swollen and fat areas of the body. They protect the bruised spots by posing a shield to the upcoming thudding of the ground.

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Axcone Women’s ( Tennis Sports Mesh Shoes)

Axcone Women's Lightweight Walking Tennis Athletic Sports Mesh Shoes

Axcone has a unique history of making soft and comfortable designs. There are a variety of designs available, and each design is suitable for formal and casual days. The integrity of the shoe is strengthened with a flexible shoelace. They have special space technology in their outsoles. It is not only added for aesthetic reasons but to increase the height of the outsole. The soft sock lines are [present on both inside and outside of tennis shoes.

Breathable mesh:

If less weight presses down on top of the feet, then it is a great relief for people who have a high arch. Breathable mesh allows you to compress on it with increased force. It will enable the air to circulate in shoes. Air exchange decreases the formation of blisters and bruises on the skin. The irritability factor is kept at a minimum.

Space technology:

Space technology in outsoles allows you to check the sturdiness of soles. If the insole has started to slump and the outsole is not so sturdy, the middle transparent space is filled with loose fabric. The material of the clear technology is different from rubber outsoles which double the rigidity of the outsole for the arch.

Knitted fabric:

The knitted fabric increases stability in your walking and running. Knitting has multiple layers of cloth entwined that are impossible to break and disfigure due to that, the sustainability of the shoe increases. It will take more than a few kicks to damage the shoes and the high arch.


This brand of athletic tennis shoes has the specialty of looking and feeling like a sock. Instead of wearing socks for promoting comfort and softness, you can overlook the extra material. Even after a long time of use, no hard surface will poke your feet and the high arch.


Axcone is a brand that gives you the opportunity of 100% money refund if you do not find the shoes up to the expectations. However, that is possible within a few days after the purchase. By looking at the ratings of users, it is less likely you will want to return them.

  • Knit fabric material.
  • Sock-like fitness.
  • Shock-absorbing insole.
  • Clear heel technology.
  • Suitable for wide feet.
  • The insole is flat.
  • Lack of comfort in the toe area.
  • Not easily available.

Reason to buy

If your heels cause you problems majorly because of plantar fasciitis, then try Axcone lightweight tennis shoes. The special technology in outsoles stops heel slipping and indicates the difficulty in the loosening of insole material instantly.

Deciding Factors for the Best Tennis Shoes for High Arches you should know!

Shoes that have a comfortable insole for the high arch are best for running and walking. The purpose of buying special customized tennis shoes is that it boosts your performance on the field. Even if they are good tennis shoes but if they lack support, they will not do an excellent job.

You have to make sure that the increasing supination in your feet stops. If the heels keep rolling inward and start causing constant pain in the arch, then you will have to stop playing temporarily.

Lack of practice, even for a day, can set you back for a long. Take a detailed look at the features you cannot miss in tennis shoes, and you will understand.

Right shape:

Let’s clear something first that in tennis shoes there is a big difference in shape and size. A perfect size does not mean you have got the right body. The shape depends on the middle and toe areas of the feet. It is a deciding factor that will influence many other features. If one of the two things is loose, that means you have not bought the right shape.


Most professionals say that while playing with a high arch, they put more weight in the balls and heel of the shoes. So, athletic tennis shoes should have to cushion in those areas. Sometimes your swollen balls feel like rocks, and the slightest of pressure can cause high pain. Similarly, you have to stop the progression of supination in heels by giving it something soft.


The material will coordinate the drawbacks of the cushioning. You see if there is excessive cushioning, it may absorb the shock, but meanwhile, it disturbs the shape of feet. If a tight and resistant material covers it, then the bulge of cushions will be confined, but the functioning stays the same.

Molded insole:

The main difference between tennis shoes and regular ones is the insole. In tennis shoes, you jump and twist more than you run. So, gel technology and multiple layering decrease the jarring force from the ground. It also increases the rebound properties of the shoes. An insole has all the adaptations of arch, heel, and toes.

High-top opening:

Increased jumping causes more impact of unbalanced force on the ankle joint than it does to the arch. While most tennis shoes have a flexible midsole, they do not have a high-top opening. The extra fabric and foam around ankles save you from potential arthritis and brittle bones. The major muscles present in the ankle connect the lower extremities to the feet and it must be protected at all costs.

Professional athletes pay their pediatrics a timely visit and are referred to the best shoes by them. However, if you are not an athlete, then no need to step back. The passion for tennis should not be limited only to normal arches.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I ensure the curved shape of tennis shoes?
You can tell by looking at the shoes from above. There should be noticeable dips on both sides of the tennis shoes. The drops should be present in the middle. That means that the area has been altered to provide stability by increasing the height of the midsole. That will give effective shock absorption for the arch. However, if there is no dip or uphill protrusion even after peeking inside the shoes, that means they do not have curved shapes.

Do all tennis shoes have a long tongue?
No, that is not necessary. But it is recommended that people who have an extra higher arch look for a longer tongue feature. The tongue is present at the top of tennis shoes under the laces. If that cushioning comes past the finishing point of the last lace, that means it is longer than usual. If you use a long tongue instead of high-top shoes, it will show the same effect.

What is the major difference between tennis and running shoes?
Tennis shoes are specifically designed for one support. While in running shoes, you can do many exercises and sports the use of tennis shoes is limited. There is also a big difference in the design and support of shoes. Running shoes are more cushioned, whereas tennis shoes focus on stability and lateral support of the feet. The height of the outsole is less because in the tennis field you should be closer to the ground.

When is it time to replace your tennis shoes?
Tennis shoes are meant to be used on the tennis field. Because of more jumping and twisting the midsole is not as affected as the toe and heel areas. Considering the moderate rubbing, you should replace the shoes once a year. However, if you practice for 2 hours daily, then they might need to be changed twice. The wear out of insoles will tell you a lot about the condition of shoes.


As a professional tennis player, you must understand the importance of orthotic support in tennis shoes. They can make you the king of the court. I hope you have found the shoes and their brands suitable for helping you win your final tournament!

If you have any queries you can contact us. We will be happy to help!

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