Are Danskos Good for High Arches?

Danskos shoes are also called work shoes because they are designed for providing comfort during work hours. We all know that work can get hectic, and you have to stand on your feet for hours. That can be particularly problematic for people with high arches.

The long-standing position puts pressure on your heels and front of the feet due to which you tire more quickly than an average person. After that, if you are not wearing the arch supports’ shoes, movement can get challenging. So why not wear shoes that are made for this problem like Danskos. Danskos are famous for their buttery leather cuts and soles.

Why should you make Danskos your priority?

Supportive construction and slip-resistant outsoles are the most sought characteristic any hardworking professional would look for. Dankos are famous for their lightweight material that makes walking ten times easier. You must have heard that Dansko’s can get a bit expensive, but they are worth every penny you invest in them.

Newly introduced designs are cheap and customized for rigid support and cushioned footbed for facilitating Cavus feet muscular coordination.

Suppose you are still wondering why are Dansko’s good for high arches, then continue to read till the very end. We have mentioned the three best Danskos that have matching adaptations for your arch feet. Their key features are meant to impress and make their customers happy!

Our Top Picks:

Dansko Women’s Professional 

“These are the only shoes I will wear to work; they are a bit snug at first but will stretch a bit with wear.” -Customer Review. 

Dansko Men’s Wynn 

“Best shoes you can buy. As a chef, I am on my feet every day for extended periods.” -Customer Review. 

Dansko Women’s XP 2.0 Clogs 

“I leave work as if I haven’t been standing all day & my feet don’t hurt at all!” -Customer Review. 


Dansko Women’s Professional

Dansko Women's Professional Shoes

Dansko women professionals are what their name insinuates. These shoes are tooled with leather and fabric uppers. Leather is an old technique in shoes but still sufficient to this day. Although because of high-quality leathers, the prices can get expensive, the experience is worth it. Dansko’s also has a padded instep collar to provide comfort while walking.

You will be amazed to know that Dansko’s may not have laces for fitting, but their inside is lined with sock liners that quickly adapt to your feet. Over time they automatically mold themselves and form an accurate envelope for the arch and toes of feet. A Special PU outsole is thicker than usual shoes so it provides the natural force for your next step.

  • Rubber sole.
  • Soft padded collar.
  • Roomy at toe area.
  • Great stability.
  • Natural arch technology.
  • Do not look aesthetic.
  • Can get heavy.
  •  Hard sole.

Reason to buy

If you feel constant pain, your heels and seek instant relief, you should not hesitate to invest in Dansko women’s professional shoes. The thick PU outsole will help your heels avoid slipping, and the sensitive back and knee muscles will have soft cushioned protection.

Dansko Men’s Wynn

Dansko Men's Wynn

Are you looking for shoes that are both stylish and provide excellent support? One look at Dansko Wynn and you will understand what I am talking about. These shoes have a versatile style that goes with every occasion. Not to stop there, they have removable footbeds. It can be removed and fitted with your customized orthopedic that are manufactured for your specific arch.

If you are going to invest money in shapes, you should check their durability and sustainability. One best way is to test the outsole. If it is resilient and scratch-proof, then it will take longer before giving up. You can walk and run around fearlessly without worrying about changes after one massive shift. The upper leather makes it easy to take off. Leather is also strong and waterproof, so these shoes are made to provide extra support to shifting momentum.

  • Measurement of weight on single item
  • Comfortable to wear.
  • Soft and cushioning inside.
  • Durable upper leather.
  • Scuffed leather.
  • Pinching in the toe area.
  • Expensive.

Reason to buy

If you have gone through the trouble of high consultations and customizing specific footbeds, then try shoes that have changeable insides. This way, you do not have to buy a whole new shoe once you feel it’s time to replace the old torn insole.

Dansko Women’s XP 2.0 Clogs

Dansko Women's XP 2.0 Clogs

Clog technology is modern, and with a master engineer, it successfully shifts weight away from a sensitive spot. When you wear the shoes, you will feel the soft yet firm insole directly below the arch. The soft sock lined bracketing will not push harshly against the heel and Achilles tendon. At the same time, there is still enough space to save your toes from bruising. The natural arch technology provides exceptional rigidity and support.

The midsole is placed right below the arch and is flexible enough to produce a bounce in your footsteps. It is made of unique fiber that stops moisture accumulation and keeps your feet try and itch-free. Despite the addition of a hard-unyielding outsole, these shoes are lightweight. Instead of dragging your feet and causing pain in the musculoskeletal, they feel fluffy and airy.

  • Slip resistant outsole.
  • Relieve stress from the heels.
  • Rocker bottom.
  • Soft cushioning foams.
  • Back sole folds inwards.
  • The polish leaves a stain.

Reason to buy

We understand that running around in heavy shoes can be pretty tiring itself. If you want to look for something light and soft, choose between purchasing Dansko women XP 2.0 clogs. They are also a priority in the pediatric world!

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